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Join us for an exciting seminar series every Thursday evening at 7:30pm, starting September 2024 God willing. Sessions will be delivered via Zoom and in person.

Seminars: About

The Bible foretells future events

If you have ever tried to understand the prophecies of the Bible and felt lost or unsure where to even start, this new seminar is for you! Throughout history there have been people who understood - not only the events around them, but also those in the future - all from their Bibles. Now it’s time to discover how they did it, right here in Mumbles.

In addition to its profound impact on culture and literature, the Bible’s unique status stems from its claim to be the word of God, asserting divine inspiration and even predicting future events.

This seminar series is designed to provide an engaging introduction to the fascinating realm of Bible prophecy.

By delving into the prophetic passages, we aim to equip you with the tools to critically evaluate the Bible’s claims and witness the fulfillment of its prophecies. From foretelling the rise and fall of ancient empires to anticipating the return of the Jews to Israel, from the advent of Jesus to insights into contemporary global conflicts, this seminar invites you to explore the remarkable prophecies within the Bible.

Together, we will not only reflect on historical predictions but also examine the relevance of these prophecies to our current times and the future.

Our exploration will aim to reveal why the Bible continues to be a powerful force in shaping the world we inhabit today and why it can be a reliable source of faith.

Seminars: Our Mission

Introducing the Bible

The Bible is a collection of 66 books from around 40 different writers. It’s divided into two parts:
The Old Testament - which consists of various books divided into several sections, such as the Torah (the first five books), historical books, wisdom literature, and prophetic books.
The New Testament - which comprises the Gospels (narratives of Jesus’ life and teachings), the Acts of the Apostles (describing the early Christian community), letters (epistles) written by apostles like Paul, and the Book of Revelation (symbolic literature).
One singular message runs throughout the Bible. A message of hope and a message of salvation from sin and death.
The unique thing about the Bible is that it claims to be the word of God (2 Timothy 3:16).

Seminars: Feature

You’ll be amazed by Bible prophecy

The Bible tells us that, down through time, God selected special people to be ‘prophets’. These people were given writings by God which have been preserved. Some of these writings contained prophecies. A prophecy is the prediction of an event before it occurs.
Biblical prophecy is not vague or unclear. The Bible has very clear prophecies about events which would unfold beyond the prophet’s time.
We can verify if these prophecies were accurate by examining the detail of the Bible and then comparing this with historical events.
Some of the prophecies in the Bible relate to recent history and even our own times. There is also much that the Bible says about the future.
The validity of the prophecies of the past can be used to give confidence to those looking forward to the prophecies of the future being fulfilled.

Seminars: Feature

Eight Exciting Sessions

1. Introduction to the Seminar Series

What is prophecy / Overview of the Bible / Importance of the subject / Approach / Helpful Resources

2. Prophecies concerning world Empires

Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream - the Vision of Empires / The Kingdom of Men / The Kingdom of God

3. Prophecies concerning the First Coming

God’s Purpose in bringing His Son into the World / Christ’s life / Christ’s death & resurrection

4. Prophecies  concerning Israel #1

Promises to Abraham / Origins / Moses & The Exodus / The promised land / Captivity & Scattering

5. Prophecies concerning Israel #2

Re-gathering & Modern History of Israel / The coming invasion & deliverance / The roles of the nations

6. Prophecies concerning the Arab Nations

Origins / The Gulf Wars and the Arab Spring / The Abraham Accords / Future Role of the Arab Peoples

7. An Introduction to the Book of Revelation

Structure & Main Themes of the Book / The Dragon & the Lamb / The Harlot & the Bride / Visions of the Future

8. Prophecies concerning the Second Coming of Christ

God’s Purpose in sending His Son back to the World / Signs that Christ’s Return is near / What will Christ do when he Returns? / The Kingdom of God

Seminars: Services

Book your place now

Sessions will be delivered via Zoom (link will be supplied upon registering) and in person at Mount Zion Christadelphian Hall, 518 Mumbles Rd, The Mumbles, Swansea SA3 4BU, UK

Would you prefer to meet in person at Mt Zion Hall or via Zoom?

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