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Free Seminar: GENESIS Book of Beginnings

Join us for an exciting seminar series every Thursday evening at 7:30pm, starting March 16th 2023 God willing. Sessions will be delivered via Zoom and in person.

Seminars: About
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Genesis means “beginnings”. It is the name of the first book of the Bible. Within this book the origins of mankind are described and the reason for the great problem that we all face - the problem of mortality - is explained. Running through the book is a message of hope and salvation from this problem. These are themes which are developed throughout the rest of the Bible.
Although an ancient book, its contents are still relevant today, helping us to live meaningful lives filled with an appreciation of God.
If you would like to deepen your understanding of the Bible then this series of seminars is for you. The aim is to equip you with the skills to develop a fresh appreciation of the scriptures - and in particualar help you to get to grips with Genesis.
Eight concise and informative sessions are planned to be delivered in a friendly and comfortable environment via Zoom or in person at Mt Zion Christadelphian Hall in Mumbles. We welcome you to join us.

Seminars: Our Mission

Eight Exciting Sessions

1. The Beginning

Inspiration / Creation

(Genesis chapter 1)

2. Garden Of Eden

Eden / Adam & Eve / Sin enters the world / The saviour promised / Cain and Abel

(Genesis chapters 2-4)

3. The Flood

Noah / The flood /
The tower of Babel

(Genesis chapters 6-11)

4. Abraham

Abraham / God’s promises / Lot / Sodom / Melchizedek

(Genesis chapters 12-21)

5. Isaac & Jacob

The lamb of God / A wife for Isaac / God’s promises continued / Jacob & Esau

(Genesis chapters 22 – 27)

6. The sons of Jacob

Jacob and his sons /
Origins of trouble

(Genesis chapters 28 - 35)

7. Joseph - PART 1

Joseph the dreamer / Into Egypt / In prison / Pharaoh’s dreams / Dreams and visions

(Genesis chapters 37 – 41)

8. Joseph - PART 2

The saviour of his brothers / A family reunion / Joseph and Jesus

(Genesis chapters 41 – 50)

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Seminars: Services

What you will learn

The Bible’s claim of inspiration

The origin of sin, death and the problem of mortality

The Bible’s promise of salvation through a Messiah

The Biblical narrative of the flood

An understanding of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Tips on letting the Bible interpret itself

The charector of the God of the Bible

What the “gospel” is and how its message begins in Genesis

How science is in harmony with the Bible

Why the Jews are so important in the Bible

The origin of the Jewish people

Why there is an Old Testament and a New Testament

What the Bible says about right and wrong

What the promises in the Bible are all about

How the earth has a glorious future

Seminars: List
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Book your seat

Sessions will be delivered via Zoom (link will be supplied upon registering) and in person at Mount Zion Christadelphian Hall, 518 Mumbles Rd, The Mumbles, Swansea SA3 4BU, UK

Seminars: Our Mission
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