Regular Events at Mumbles Christadelphians

Bible Hour

Sundays 6pm (or 1st Saturday of the month at 11am)

Bible Reading Group

Wednesdays at 10am

Sunday School

Sundays at 9:15am

Youth Groups

Juniors 6:30pm and Seniors 7:30pm (contact us for venue and activity information)

Bible Class

Tuesdays 7:30pm

Memorial Service

Sunday 11am


2022 Public Bible Talks

Are you seeking Bible truth? We warmly invite you to our public lectures designed to preach the true gospel message believed and taught by Jesus and his followers in the 1st Century. Our talks last 1 hour and are held on Sundays at 6pm (or on the 1st Saturday of the month at 11am). See below for details.

2nd A New Year Devotional

8th A Coming New King

16th Creation or Evolution

23rd Is God At Work In Your Life?

30th The Kingdom of God On Earth


5th Protest & The Follower Of Jesus

13th Are You Ready To Meet Jesus?

20th The Bible & Satan

27th Jesus - The Judge Of The World


5th A Topic Relevant To Our Time

13th Do We Have An Immortal Soul?

20th Making Time For God

27th Humanism - The Subtle Delusion


2nd Is The Bible The Word Of God?

10th The Pure Language of The Bible

17th The True Meaning of Easter

24th Russia & The Middle East - The Bible's Answer


1st TBC

7th The Problem of Sin

15th Arming Yourself Against The Trials of Life

22nd The Certainty Of The Resurrection

29th Coping With Suffering - The Bible's Answer


4th The Jubilee & The Bible

12th Communion - Why Did Jesus Ask Us To Do This?

19th Are The Holy Spirit Gifts Available Today?

26th Who Are The Christadelphians?


2nd Why Did Jesus Die?

10th How Clear Is Your Vision of The Future?

17th Does It Matter What You Believe?

24th Where Does Your Loyalty Lie?

31st Jesus - The Great PhysicIan


6th Why We Need Jesus

14th What Does Your X-Ray Look Like?

21st Open Your Bible. Open Your Lives!!

28th Who Do We Prayer To?


3rd Who Decides Your Morals?

11th The Miracle Of The State of Israel

18th There Is One God

25th Reasons To Believe The Bible


1st The Devil - The Weakness Within, Not The Enemy Without

9th Preparing For Baptism

16th Are Angels At Work Today?

23rd The Promises To David

30th The Questions Science Can't Answer


5th The Biblical Significance Of The Gunpowder Plot

13th Did Jesus Pre-Exist?

20th The Parables of Jesus

27th The Broad Or The Narrow Way


3rd The Mounting Evidence For The Intelligent Designer

11th The Gospel In Music

18th Jesus Christ - The Promised Son

24th Devotional - Family & Fellowship

Dates in italics to take place on Saturdays (known as our Saturday Special talk)