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About The Christadelphians In Mumbles

Mumbles Christadelphian Ecclesia (Ecclesia is the New Testament Greek word for Church) has around 80 members across a wide range of ages. Christadelphians can be found in most towns in the UK and many countries across the world, all bound by a common set of beliefs based solely upon the Bible. Unlike many churches Christadelphians do not have paid priests, ministers or pastors. All services and talks are undertaken by members of the ecclesia. There is a Christadelphian Office in Birmingham, England, but its role is to support ecclesias by publishing magazines, pamphlets and books and to offer guidance if asked.
Our meeting (Mt Zion Hall) was built in 1850 (initially as a chapel but taken over by the newly formed Christadelphian ecclesia shortly afterwards). After an extension in 1860 it could seat 500 people, with 300 in the body of the hall and the remainder in the gallery. The hall has seen many changes over its lifetime and in 2007 it was completely refurbished inside. It was commonplace to call chapels in Wales by Biblical names in the 1800's and the name Mt Zion speaks of the Mt. Zion of the age to come. God has promised to set up a Kingdom, with Jerusalem as its capital, on the mountains of Israel. It will be established forever after the return of the Lord Jesus Christ to save the world from its present troubles (see for example Acts 3:19-21).

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